Another sleepless night


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A post to remind myself how blessed I am

Don’t worry… About a thing :)

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Purebred dogs are overrated.

Maybe I’m biased cuz my dogs are mixed (or in other words “muts”) but people always brag about purebreds. Dogs are dogs. They’ll love you long as you long them.

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The best feeling in the world is…

Being at peace with yourself. I honestly think I suffer from depression but I’m trying so hard not to believe it. Meditation has helped tremendously but it’s been an up and down battle. Sometimes I feel amazing but sometimes I honestly feel sad for no fucking reason. I hate it. I refuse to accept it cuz I honestly think my sadness just comes from life’s distractions (and obviously stresses). I think in all, what I’m trying to achieve from meditation is just being able to accept my losses while learning to persevere and grow.

Life’s an entire experience…

Every move. Every achievement and every loss.
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The president is black, but you can’t vote for skin, you vote for the better man!
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